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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Prof. Jeff Silverman Award

Prof. Jeff Silverman was awarded third place in Non-Daily Features in the Golf Writers Association of America's annual writing contest.  Prof. Silverman was recognized for his article "Book Worms" in Golf World, about avid collectors of books on golf.

from Prof. Silverman:
The fun part about writing non-fiction for a living is where it can take you--even Cleveland.  When Golf World asked me to snoop out a piece about golf books and the folks who collect them, I knew I’d find my Mecca on the shores of Lake Erie--in the 22,000 volume library amassed over more than 40 years by Alastair Johnston, the agent who’s represented Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player for decades.  I wasn’t disappointed.  The whole gang was there, from the valuable wellsprings--the first printed reference to the game and the first book devoted to it--straight down to the ephemera of yesterday’s news, including six books of my own, neatly arranged on a shelf three from the bottom in the “S’s.”  If the printer doesn’t run out of ink, he’ll be adding a seventh, Merion: The Championship History, in the fall.