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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Why English Majors Are the Hot New Hires

Last week Bruna Martinuzzi, founder of Clarion Enterprises and author of two business books, posted an article entitled “Why English Majors are the Hot New Hires.”

She noted that “Recently, some high-profile businesspeople came out in favor of hiring English majors,” explaining that employers “are looking to hire English majors because these applicants bring a set of skills that businesses need.”  She listed five areas:
*Communications skills.  “Communication is at the heart of any business. . . .  Bringing an English major to the fold is a much needed salve for organizations today, where poor communication skills are the norm rather than the exception.”
*Writing skills.  In a recent survey, “97 percent of business executives rate writing skills as very important.  English majors—perhaps more than any other major—are trained to write well.”
*Researching skills.  “Having someone on staff who excels in conducting research is a very viable asset.”
*Critical thinking skills.  “The ability to analyze an issue and question assumptions applies to all kinds of information in a business setting.”
*Empathy.  Recent research suggests that “those who read fiction frequently have higher levels of cognitive empathy,” which “improves interpersonal understanding and enhances relationships with customers and business associates.  When you hire an English major, you're likely hiring someone who brings cognitive empathy to the table.”

Bruna Martinuzzi
 Martinuzzi also suggests that English majors can get an additional competitive advantage by combining an English major with courses in other areas.  Click here to read the entire article.