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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Alumni Profile: Catherine Bucaria, Class of 2011

Occupation: Editorial Assistant, Random House Audio Group, Random House, Inc.

Major: English. Concentration: Honors. Minor: Business
Catherine Bucaria
What she does: “As Editorial Assistant for the Random House Audio group, I assist with manuscript review, profit & loss analysis, and acquisition of potential adult and children's audiobook titles. Once we have put together our list of titles, I coordinate seasonal title launch meetings for our division, creating PowerPoints, handouts, and presentations for all titles for the sales, marketing, publicity, and production teams. On a daily basis, I manage title set-up, pricing, and network data for all audio imprints, initiate and circulate contract drafts, coordinate weekly editorial meetings, send author audio copies, and serve as a contact person for authors, agents, and subrights personnel.”

How her English major helped: “I could not be more happy with my decision to major in English at Villanova. I was constantly challenged by my readings, professors, and the variety of courses that are required to complete the major. The writing and analytical skills that resulted from my work in those classes prepared me for workplace situations where a clear and concise, yet creative solution is required. My ability to process and comprehend material given to me and then summarize and extrapolate on the main points is a direct result of the work I did as an English major, and it has been invaluable. Thorough, thoughtful analysis of any reading or data becomes second nature to English majors and will set you apart once you enter the professional world."