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Thursday, February 13, 2014

BRIDGE Society Professional Development Conference

On Thursday, March 27, 2014, The BRIDGE Society will be hosting the first student-run professional development conference. This will be an opportunity for students to learn about interesting professional development experiences, opportunities, and how to make them happen, enhancing your journey from college to career.

LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Call for Presentation Proposals
Presenting at a conference is a leadership act, but it's the act of giving, sharing, and helping others that truly defines a leader. It's asking questions and proactively seeking answers from professionals, and then sharing those answers and your experience, ideas, and advice with others—that is LEADERSHIP.

We’re interested in working with LAS students to create proposals on interesting professional development topics and experiences to be researched and presented at the 2014 BRIDGE Society Conference, for example:
--Learn How to Maximize your Sophomore and Junior Years with Internships, Courses, and    Leadership Activities
--Explore Your Potential Path with a Degree in the Sciences: Find Out about Nontraditional Jobs in Business, Nonprofits, and Law
--Learn How to Develop a Mentoring Relationship with Alumni

Proposals must be submitted online by Friday, February 21.

A series of 1-hour, drop-in workshops will be held during the week of February 17 in order to assist students in coming up with, refining, and submitting proposal ideas.
Drop-in Proposal Workshops
Monday, Feb. 17 .......... 12:00pm, Bartley 2072
Tuesday, Feb. 18 ......... 12:00pm, Driscol 246
Tuesday, Feb. 18 .......... 5:00pm, Bartley 2046
Wednesday, Feb. 19 .... 12:00pm, Bartley 2072
Wednesday, Feb. 19 ..... 5:00pm, Bartley 2072
Thursday, Feb. 20 ........ 12:00pm, Driscoll 246
Thursday, Feb. 20 ......... 5:00pm, Bartley 2406
Friday, Feb. 21* ........... 12:00pm, Bartley 2072
* This will be a 2-hour workshop to assist with final proposal submission

For questions or more information please email: bridgesocietyconference2014@gmail.com