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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Senior English Major Danielle Sekerak on Phone Interviews for Law School

My English major has significantly impacted my ability to communicate—and not just on paper. I am currently in the process of applying to law schools, and I received a request for a phone interview from a top 20 school. Initially, I was nervous; how could I effectively and eloquently communicate my personality as an applicant through the phone? After feeling like I only had a few short days to prepare, I realized that I had been preparing for this phone interview for the past three and a half years; every English class I have ever taken has done the remarkable job of improving my vocabulary, my ability to think on the spot, and my overall oral discussion skills.

Danielle Sekerak
In my interview, I was able to articulate my thoughts with sophistication and respond to questions with confidence. In fact, the woman interviewing me informed me that the law school normally does not notify applicants of their acceptance or rejection until a few weeks after the phone interview, but I received an email three days later congratulating me on my acceptance. I have no doubt that my personality and passion were communicated through the phone—all thanks to the English Department! While the English major has certainly improved my writing skills, it has also made me a confident and eloquent speaker—a skill that all future professions desire.