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Friday, January 22, 2016

Associated Press Workshop

Students Attend Associated Press Workshop at Temple University
By Blaire Fenniman (Cultural Studies major)

Dr. Karyn Hollis and seven students attended the Philadelphia Associated Press News Train workshop at Temple University on November 13th.  The students included three English majors (Carl Cacela, Celeste Manapsal, Maria McGeary) six Writing and Rhetoric concentrators (Marie Bouffard, Carl Cacela, Princess Garrett, Celeste Manapsal, Maria McGeary, Faith Wells) and Christine Bucher, an editor for a journal published by the Department of Theology and Religious Studies.  The workshop sessions emphasized the use of technology in gathering and writing news.

Dr. Hollis and her students attended various sessions that introduced them to video production using smartphones, writing news for mobile platforms, and maximizing their use of social media for reporting and branding. The News Train workshops were led by working journalists and media experts, giving students first-hand guidance about these evolving news platforms.

The workshops Dr. Hollis and her students enjoyed the most involved social media and big data collections: Digital Storytelling, Using Social Media for Personal Branding & Audience Engagement, Shooting Effective Video on Your Smartphone, Producing Data-Driven Enterprise Stories Efficiently, and Using Social Media as Powerful Reporting Tools.

For more information about the APME News Train workshops, which are open to all, jump on board here.

Marie Bouffard, Charisma Presley, Celeste Manapsal, Faith Wells, Maria McGeary, & Christine Bucher. (not pictured: Carl Cacela)