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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Christie Leonard in Russia (part 3)

The final resting place of the Romanov family is in the Peter and Paul Fortress Cathedral. Once the capital was moved from Moscow, all royalty were buried in this cathedral instead of the Cathedral of the Archangel in the Kremlin. Catherine the Great is also buried here.

Trotsky was held in the Peter and Paul Fortress for a time.

Catherine the Great’s Summer Palace is immense. This palace was built as a rest stop for the Empress, since she needed another palace on the way to another palace. Its grounds include a replica of a Chinese garden and village with a bridge, guarded by statues of severe-looking Chinese men. Chinese porcelain was worth its weight in gold, and palaces decorated during this era often had a room done up in “Oriental” design with silks, carved wood, and other Chinese motifs. 

This is the view of the Peter and Paul Fortress from Trinity Bridge – one of my favorite places in the city. The sea breeze and the sunset reminded me of the beaches back home. We crossed this bridge on our way to dinner, and the promise of pizza amidst all the Russian food enhanced the walk across the bridge. 

Russia Study Abroad group at Peterhoff Palace, Peter the Great’s own Versailles and fountain garden.