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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Post-Election Letter to English Majors from the Department

Dear English Majors:

We, the faculty of the English Department, join our voices to Fr. Peter’s and those of other administrators, faculty, and students, to express dismay and anger at reports of hateful speech and actions toward members of the University community in the aftermath of the election last week.  As scholars of literature, we are deeply committed to the power of language to advance justice and equality, and we understand that silence may function to implicitly condone violence and suffering.  In this spirit, we state emphatically that we stand with all students who have been targets of harassment, acknowledging the acute nature of threats made towards students of color and women of all races.  We also wish to reaffirm the incalculable importance of inclusion to this institution and its mission.

As always, we invite every student to treat our classes as secure places to freely discuss literature, ideas, and the historic moment we all find ourselves in.  We welcome lively debate and the respectful exploration of all points of view that honor the basic principle of human equality.  We also remind you that our Majors Lounge is open to you throughout the week.  We are happy to meet with you should you have any concerns about your experience in our classrooms or on campus.


Heather Hicks
Evan Radcliffe
Lisa Sewell
Chiji Akoma
Karyn Hollis
Crystal J. Lucky
Travis Foster
Megan Quigley
Jean Lutes
Alice Dailey
Michael Berthold
Lauren Shohet
Joseph Lennon
Jody Ross
Alan Drew
Brooke Hunter
Cecilia Ready
Kamran Javadizadeh
Charles Cherry
Jennifer Joyce
Ruth Anolik
Jeffrey Silverman
Karen Graziano
Robert Duggan
Jill Kress Karn
Gail Ciociola
Mary Mullen
Joseph Drury
Ellen Bonds
Catherine Staples
Mary Beth Simmons
Hugh Ormsby-Lennon
Margaret Boerner
Cathy Velez