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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Humans of Villanova University

Humans of Villanova University (on Facebook) recently featured the following conversations with current English majors.

Steve Purcell (from 1/30/17):
"What inspired you to want to be a professor?"
"It's a way for me to both teach and keep learning because I really want to share the interest in Literature that I have, but I also want to keep exploring it. That's why I like the research side of it. I like that I can keep learning independently but then kind of integrate that into a classroom."

"What's your main area of interest?"
"I've done a lot of early modern research so I've done a lot of Shakespeare-era Tragedy. I'm writing about Milton for my senior thesis. Also, abroad in England I studied Romanticism and I really like that era in the sense that all of the writers are philosophers at the same time."

"What do the Romantics and the early moderns etc have to say to us in 2017?"
"I think that the Romantics are really interested in the relationship between the individual and society and community. I think that's something we talk about a lot in politics, contemporary philosophy, and just living our lives. The way that they approach that is helpful because it's different from how we think about things in our own lives and in academic discourse, and I think having that perspective can be very rewarding."

Steve Purcell
Colin Lubner (from 9/13/16):
"What are you most excited about going into your senior year?"
"I added an English major last year so 7/10 classes coming up will be English. it's going to be a lot of writing but it will be fun. I want to be certified in both Math and English which I think is unique. I'm writing on my own a lot lately too - mostly fiction. I'm currently working on a novel with my professors and I'm hoping it turns out cool."

Colin Lubner