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Thursday, April 6, 2017

English Department Teach-In: “Fact or Fiction: How to Read the News Critically”

Please attend this Friday's teach-in with English professors Alice Dailey, Joe Drury, Heather Hicks and Jean Lutes.  Professors Hicks and Drury will be running the teach-in on the topic, “Fact or Fiction: How to Read the News Critically.”

In an age in which the veracity of news reporting is being routinely challenged, how can we tell what news is fact and what is fiction?  Members of the English Department will provide you with strategies for reading critically in this unsettling moment in our history.  Along the way, we’ll consider how the present moment compares to the early era of print, discuss why the press is important to democracy, and look at some recent “fake news” to hone our critical reading skills.

The teach-in will take place at 12:00 pm on 4/7 in Speakers' Corner, Falvey Library.