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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Positions with Grassroots Campaigns

Grassroots Campaigns welcomes English majors;  the organization has had excellent experiences with the many previous staff members who had been English majors.  Canvass Director and Assistant Director Job descriptions follow.
Grassroots Campaigns is a progressive organization that specializes in
running face-to-face campaigns for political parties, candidates, and
advocacy groups.  By running campaigns on behalf of groups such as the
American Civil Liberties Union, Democratic National Committee, the Nature
Conservancy and Oxfam America, we can focus on building up their
membership and base of support.  Also, through running field campaigns for
candidates and other political organizations we can mobilize citizens to
be more actively engaged and involved in politics.

Since 2003, Grassroots Campaigns has worked with many of the most
progressive organizations and political candidates to date.  Our campaigns
have been on the front line of a variety of social change movements and
historic elections.  Our goal is to grow the progressive movement through
face-to-face outreach.

Canvass Directors and Assistant Canvass Directors manage one of our 30
grassroots fundraising field offices across the country, with bottom-line
responsibility for all local operations.

Job Responsibilities:
• Recruitment:  Build a team of 15-50 canvassers by recruiting from within
the local community.  Interview prospective staff and make hiring
• Staff Management:  Teach canvassing/fundraising skills.  Work with your
staff in individual and group settings, with a particular eye towards
developing leaders.  Cultivate a welcoming and motivating atmosphere.
• Canvassing:  Canvass in the field for four days per week, to train new
and experienced staff in the field and meet personal fundraising
• Administration:  Carefully track income and expenses.  Manage the budget
for your office.  Process staff payroll.  Maintain records for future
organizing efforts.

Strong communication and motivational skills, work ethic, and desire for
political change are essential.  Candidates must be able to work within a
team, have proven leadership ability and experience handling a lot of
responsibility. Strong self-direction and the ability to take initiative
are also necessary qualifications. Previous field or canvassing experience
is a plus, and may qualify candidates for additional leadership positions.

Newly hired directors will typically spend three weeks doing field
training, working intensely alongside experienced directors and will also
attend week-long national classroom training.  Additionally, directors
receive support from regional management staff throughout their time on
staff. After one year in the position, staff will have learned the basics
of running a successful grassroots campaign, including, but not limited
to, fundraising and donor recruitment, hiring and supervising staff and/or
volunteers, and turf management.

Positions last through the 2014 Election.  Campaign hours can run 80-100
hours per week, including work on weekends.

Annual salary for Assistant Canvass Directors begins at $24,000.  Staff
may opt into our health care plan (PPO).  Paid training, vacation and sick
days are included; student loan assistance is available.

Timing and Location:
Positions are available in cities nationwide. Currently hiring in MA, NY,
PA, OH, IL, IN, NM, MO, NC, CO, CA, WA, OR, TX, FL and Washington, D.C. In
order to make the largest impact possible, directors will have a chance to
organize in a city, and expand the progressive movement by opening and
developing campaigns in politically important swing states.

Please visit our website, www.grassrootscampaigns.com, for more
information about current and past campaigns.

Grassroots Campaigns past and current clients include: Amnesty
International, the American Civil Liberties Union, Oxfam America, the
League of Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Planned
Parenthood Federation of America, Equality California, the American
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Animals, VoteVets, the Democratic
National Committee, MoveOn.org Political Action, Repower America, Working
America, Common Cause, and the Center for American Progress and Save the
Children. (Save the Children is an independent organization and is not
religiously or politically aligned. Save the Children has no direct
affiliation with the organizations Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. partners