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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dr. Alice Dailey's Renaissance Revenge Tragedy Class Visits New York City: Lauren Clem on the Irish Arts Center

Lauren Clem from Dr. Dailey's Renaissance Revenge Tragedy attended the November 8 readings that were part of the Irish Arts Center's sixth annual Poetry Fest, which, according to the Center, celebrates Ireland and America’s great literary connection by showcasing an unparalleled array of much-published and award-winning poets."

Lauren reports that "The Irish Arts Center’s annual PoetryFest featured artists from both sides of the pond. Saturday’s readings included American poets Adam Fitzgerald and Kevin Young and Irish poets Miriam Gamble and Vona Groarke. The reading was intimate, with all four artists covering serious topics through the lens of such minutiae as gardening, growing up in Massachusetts, and the 90s computer game fad Oregon Trail. Vona Groarke was Villanova’s Heimbold Chair in 2004. Peter Fallon, scheduled to present the following day, also served as a Heimbold back in 2000."