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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Awards Presented to Dr. James Kirschke

English department Professor James J. Kirschke has recently received a pair of awards: a Meritorious Service Award, from National Image, Inc., and the Unsung Military Hero and Leadership Award, from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The Meritorious Service Award took the form of a citation and beautiful plaque, for service to the Hispanic American community.  The Unsung Hero and Leadership Award constituted a citation, signed by the Pennsylvania Governor, along with a gold watch.  Dr. Kirschke's award was given not only for military service, but also for professional services performed in the civilian community.  The Unsung Hero Award has been presented in many U.S. States and in most of the Canadian Provinces.  Dr. Kirschke, however, is the only Pennsylvanian to have received this honor.

The cover of Dr. James Kirschke's book on Gouverneur Morris