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Monday, May 2, 2016

Retirement Party for Prof. James Kirschke

Prof. James Kirschke, a dedicated and valued member of the English department, recently retired from Villanova.  A former Marine captain who served in Vietnam, he joined the faculty in 1977 and taught a wide range of courses on American literature. His publications include Henry James and Impressionism, Willa Cather and Six Writers from the Great War, Gouverneur Morris: Author, Statesman, and Man of the World and Not Going Home Alone: A Marine's Story. 

At his April 25 retirement party Prof. Kirschke spoke warmly of his experiences at Villanova.  He praised the thousands of students he taught at Villanova as "intelligent, respectful, energetic, inquisitive and kind" and thanked his colleagues for their "prescient advice, supportive ideas and words of encouragement."  "I am," underlined Prof. Kirschke, "extremely grateful to have been able to teach, counsel, research and  write at V.U. over these last thirty-eight years.  As my foregoing comments indicate, I am convinced that a large reason for our University’s continuing, and building, successes has proven due to the steady and uplifting TEAM WORK which enables NOVA NATION to attain, and retain, its thoughtful, intelligent, charitable and clear-headed excellence."

Prof. Jim Kirschke at his retirement party.