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Monday, September 12, 2016

Advisory Committee 2016-2017

l. to r.:  Angelina Malenda, Luke Bozich, Christie Leonard, Dyala Kasim, Isaiah Morel, Brenna Fallows, Samantha Sontag, Blaire Bernstein, Alex Forgione, Joanna Carbone, Frances Kenney
In the lounge!

Blaire Bernstein / bbernste@villanova.edu
I am a Junior English and Humanities major.  I’m interested in poetry and creative writing, and my goal is to become an environmental lawyer.  Last semester I had the opportunity to study Irish literature in Galway, and it was an amazing experience!

Luke Bozich / lbozich@villanova.edu
I’m a Senior English Major pursuing a triple major in, additionally, Italian and Humanities with a double minor in Business and Creative Writing. After graduation, I desire to spend time traveling abroad for Foreign Service work. After traveling, I hope to begin a career in Linguistics while also maintaining my passion for creative writing. My favorite authors include Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, Hemingway and Fitzgerald. During my time at Villanova, I have studied abroad in Urbino, Italy, for two summer programs. On campus, I spent the majority of my first two years as a member of the Villanova Emergency Medical Services and am currently a member of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, a Global Key Ambassador in the Office of Study Abroad, and an assistant in the Humanities Department. I am also involved in the Search Retreat program for the Campus Ministry.

Joanna Carbone / jcarbon4@villanova.edu
I’m a Senior English and Communication major.  I chose to major in English much earlier than most people and have always had a love of reading and getting caught up in character drama.  It also helps that I wanted to refine my writing skills, which, after four years, I’ve finally done.

Elizabeth Eby / eeby2@villanova.edu
I’m a Junior English major and Business minor from Bedford, New Hampshire. On campus, I am a Blue Key tour guide and a Villanova Ambassador. Service has also been a huge part of my Villanova experience. I tutored students in an inner-city elementary school through the RUIBAL program as a Freshman, lived in a service-themed residence hall as a Sophomore, and participated in a Habitat for Humanity Service and Justice Experience during the spring of 2016. For the past two summers, I have interned as a Teaching Fellow with Breakthrough Collaborative, a college-bound program for high-achieving, underprivileged middle school students. My work with Breakthrough has inspired me to pursue a career in education upon graduating Villanova. I’ve loved being a part of the English department, and I’m excited to get more involved as a member of the Student Advisory Committee!

Brenna Fallows / bfallows@villanova.edu
As a former Business major, I demoted that course of study to a minor and chose to pursue English.  I hope someday to teach high school and somehow continue writing.  Right now I’ve been reading a lot of contemporary works like those of Ben Lerner and Maggie Nelson.  I also hope to travel a lot post-grad, and currently have trips planned to Vermont and Norway in the near future.

Imani Flowers / iflowers@villanova.edu
I’m a Senior English major with minors in both Africana Studies and Communication. On campus, I’m a St. Martin de Porres Scholar and iurrently active in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and the Senior Gift Committee.  I also intern at Fox 29 Philadelphia in the Community Affairs Department.  I’ve worked as a Market Research intern in Shanghai, China, and also studied abroad in Milan, Italy. I arrived at Villanova with dreams of being a journalist or teacher, but since the internship in China have decided to begin pursuing marketing and advertising.  My literary interests have always consisted of old English literature.

Alex Forgione / aforgion@villanova.edu
I just declared an English major and plan on declaring a Political Science minor.  I will be attending law school after I graduate.  I studied abroad in London during my second semester of freshman year.  I’m the treasurer of Villanova Poetry Society and a member of the pre-law society and Feminova.  During fall break I’ll be going to Belize on a service and justice trip.  My favorite poet is T. S. Eliot.

Dyala Kasim / dkasim@villanova.edu
I’m a Junior English and Communication double major with a Writing and Rhetoric concentration.  I’m also an opinion writer / copy editor for The Villanovan.  I honestly enjoy studying a wide range of literature, which is why I chose English.  There is such a wide variety of classes to take on so many different types of literature that I wish I could take them all!  My dream is to write and work in publishing and to one day win the English Reception raffle.

Frances Kenney / fkenney@villanova.edu
I’m a Senior English major and Japanese minor.  I’m interested in Asian, Irish, Gothci and Medieval literature.  This past summer I studied abroad in Tokyo and plan to return there in the future.  I plan to go to graduate school for teaching.  In my spare time I enjoy watching Koren historical dramas.

Christie Leonard / cleonar4@villanova.edu
I’m a Senior English major with minors in French, History and Classics.  I studied abroad in Moscow and Saint Petersburg this summer.  I’m interested in ancient languages and Gothic, Romantic and Victorian literature and plan on attending graduate school.  I build architectural models in my spare time and enjoy cooking.

Angelina Malenda / amalenda@villanova.edu
I just declared English as a major and plan on adding Communication as a second major.  Post-Villanova I plan on attending law school to study constitutional law;  my career plans circulate among becoming a lawyer, journalist and politician.  I just spent a semester abroad in London and intend to studying abroad my junior year.  I’m vice president of the Poetry Society and enjoy writing, reading and discussing poetry.

Isaiah Morel / imorel@villanova.edu
I’m a Sophomore English and History major with a minor in Political Science and intend to pursue law school upon graduating from Villanova.  I was invited into the London Literary Experience class with Dr. Lauren Shohet during my freshman year, and although I was not able to travel to England, counted the experience valuable nonetheless.

Samantha Sontag / ssontag@villanova.edu
I’m a Junior English and Economics major with minors in Business and Theology.  Next semester I’ll be studying abroad at Oxford University.  I’m excited to focus on my interests in war literature and poetry while abroad.  I hope to pursue English in graduate school, though I am not yet sure what I will do after.