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Friday, September 2, 2016

Welcome from Dr. Heather Hicks, New Chair of the English Department

Welcome from the New Chair of English!

I am honored and excited to begin my term as Chair of the English Department.  As you know if you've taken an English class here at Villanova, we have a truly remarkable group of professors in this Department.  They are national and international experts in their fields, and they are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you.  When I chat with students, I find myself saying over and over again, "Oh, that will be a great class!" because I've observed the classes of many of my colleagues and consistently been dazzled by what great teachers they are.  Of course, we always want to keep improving, so if you have any concerns, please let me know.  And if you have ideas or suggestions about classes that you'd like to see offered, or ways we might change the major, or events you'd like to see the Department sponsor, please drop me an email at heather.hicks@villanova.edu, or drop by my office!  I hope you all have a great semester.