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Friday, September 16, 2016

Recent Alumni Profile: Danielle Sekerak (2015)

Danielle Sekerak is beginning her second year of law school at the University of Pennsylvania. She was unanimously selected by the deans of the law school (dean of the school, dean of admissions, dean of students, etc.) to represent the student body in a speech at the National Constitution Center welcoming new first year students and introducing the dean. Her message: “While the first year of law school can be stressful, remaining a good person is the most important thing. …People get caught up in being #1, and sometimes they forget to be compassionate. That is devastating in such a stressful environment.”

Danielle also received a job offer for next summer from Latham and Watkins in NYC, one of the most prestigious and profitable firms in the world. These summer jobs are supposed to lead to full-time employment after the third year of law school.

Danielle delivering her speech at the National Constitution Center.
Danielle at the NCC dinner.